Otto’s Accessibility Plan

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Table of Contents

  • Message from the Owners
  • Introduction
  • Section One: Past Achievements to Remove and Prevent Barriers
    • Customer Service
    • Information and Communications
    • Employment
  • Section Two: Strategies and Actions Planned for 2021 - 2024
    • Customer Service
    • Information and Communications
    • Employment
    • Training
  • More Information

Message from the Owners

Otto’s is committed to achieve its mission and maintain its values, which are based on to be “the original”. It stands for novelty, ingenuity, and those qualities with which we aspire to. Original is our customer service, constantly seeking to surpass customers’ expectations. Original is our client care, never taking their trust for granted. Original is our dedication, working to build life-long relationships with our clients. Otto’s strives to meet the needs of its customers and employees with disabilities, and has worked and will work hard to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.


Otto’s is committed to fulfilling our requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This accessibility plan outlines the steps Otto’s is taking to meet those requirements and to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Our plan shows how Otto’s will play its role in making Ontario an accessible province for all Ontarians.

Section One: Past Achievements to Remove and Prevent Barriers

This section includes a summary of the accessibility initiatives that Otto’s has completed.

Customer Service

Although no feedback has been received since the program started in 2014, Otto’s has performed actions in compliance with the Customer Service Standard.

  • Defined customer feedback process
  • Trained staff on Ontario’s accessibility laws and to serve customers of all abilities
  • Prepared Accessible Customer Service Policy
  • Provided accessible emergency and public safety information
  • Provided accessible emergency information to staff
  • Provided specific amenities in the new fully-compliant building for people with disabilities, which includes:
    • Designated handicap parking spaces at front of store, closest to the front door
    • Barrier-free accessible front power-doors to the showroom
    • Barrier-free accessible washrooms on main floor, with hand rail, auto-open doors and emergency alarm in place
    • Barrier-free accessible washroom on the second floor above the shop with grab bar, lowered urinal and wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Provided accessible Service Advisor desks for people with disabilities

Customer feedback can be sent to Human Resources by email, phone, onsite forms, website, or via employees. A summary of any actions your organization took to address the feedback it received.

Information and Communications

  • Building signages have been provided to show designated areas for people with disabilities
  • Otto’s has provided accessible emergency and public safety information to staff
  • Two boards in the staff lunchroom and Service workshop have been allocated for safety announcements and notices
  • Created Accessibility section on websites


  • Training has been provided to staff, volunteers and agents
  • Accessible Policy and all related information have been provided to all staff
  • Where practicable, availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities have been announced on job postings
  • Prepared Accessible Employment Policy

Section Two: Strategies and Actions

Otto’s has identified projects and plans between now and 2024 to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and to remove and prevent barriers to people with disabilities.

Customer Service

Otto’s is committed to providing accessible customer service to people with disabilities. This means that we will provide goods and services to people with disabilities with the same high quality and timeliness as others. Here are the actions under Customer Service category:

Action:   Due Date:
1. Conduct updated training for staff, including new staff (if missed) and the ones who were trained over two years ago, and document in employees files   June 2021
2. Update the Accessibility section on the website for customers with disabilities, informing them about our policies and the feedback process   June 2021
3. Otto’s Job Health and Safety Committee will update the Emergency Response Plan, and staff will be informed on who are responsible for providing accommodations in an emergency response scenario   June 2021
4. Otto’s will treat accessibility laws as a priority in designing for renovation of existing facilities and/or any new facilities   If applicable
5. Otto’s will put procedures in place to prevent service disruptions to the accessible parts of our facilities   If applicable

Information and Communications

Otto’s is committed to making our information and communications accessible to people with disabilities. Here are the actions under Information and Communication category:

Action:   Due Date:
1. Utilize new communication tool to communicate with our clients who have disabilities   Ongoing
2. Keep website complaint with World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level AA   Ongoing
3. Keep the customers informed about the feedback process in the event of a requirement   Ongoing
4. Availability of accessible formats will be disseminated through Otto’s website   Ongoing


Otto’s is committed to fair and accessible employment practices. Here are the actions under Employment category:

Action:   Due Date:
1. Announce availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities on job postings, where practicable   Ongoing
2. Include updated Ontario’s accessibility laws training in Otto’s Orientation Package for new hire, train hiring managers on best practices, and disseminate the information to all staff through the intranet   June 2021
3. Write process for the development of documented individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities, and assign accountability for accommodations   September 2021
4. Write an official return to work policy and ensure it meets best practices and regulations, and assign accountability   September 2021
5. Write an official performance monitoring policy and ensure it meets best practices, contact outside resources to see how performance measures can be established for people with disabilities   January 2022


Otto’s is committed to providing training in the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility laws and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it applies to people with disabilities. As described in Customer Service section, training will be provided to all staff.

More Information

For more information on this accessibility plan, please contact:
Carla Blacquiere
Otto’s Subaru
225 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K1Z 6W7

Standard and accessible formats of this document are free on request from Carla Blacquiere.